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Default Re: bentt puts sam peter into perspective

Originally Posted by Decker
Don't be too sure. There wasn't much to repsond to excpet for that last phrase. IIRC, you're an American, like me. Why does there need to be a change in the HW division? Fighters like Wlad are a change among HWs. Since both Wlad & Peter are non Americans, why is SP the change that "we" need?

Btw, I'm not a big SP basher. You're a much bigger critic of Wlad than I am of Sam. And some SP doubters are and are not Wlad fans. Peter has critics form all corners here on ESB. My views on SP have always been moderate.
Im a huge fan of fighters who have strong chins and a heavy punch, Wlad lacks chin thats not something that just goes away with time. I also seem to root for guys who came up the hard way in life and assume there tougher for it, Wlad grew up in upper middle class home and is well educated. Me personally I would like to see a fighter with that rage in the ring that captures peoples imagination including mine, I guess me and alot of others are waiting for the second coming of a fighter like Tyson.
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