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Default Re: Will Brahmer be Calzaghe's downfall?

Originally Posted by huki
I'm a really big fan of Hopkins but I don't really want to see him fight Calzaghe at this point. He's simply too old to deal with him, especially for 12 rounds and Calzaghe would get a lot of credit for beating him, which might damage Hopkins' legacy a little bit. I agree with Amsterdam that both Calzaghe and Kessler would beat Taylor, Pavlik, and Wright pretty easily. The best and toughest match for Calzaghe to take would be fighting Dawson. If Calzaghe dominates Kessler and when Dawson destroys Diaconu the fight will be huge and the winner would deserve a TON of credit.
Exactly. Hopkins is no longer a real elite P4P type fighter, it's heavily annoying that because of retiring and then marginally defeating a 170 pound Wright he is considered up there with his current H2H ability.

Chad Dawson defeating Adamek wide and if he does the same to Diaconu will deserve a P4P spot. Wright means very little at this point, he does not have an impressive 160 record, much less even higher, the fact that this was for the 'lineal' title at 170 pounds ****es me off.

If Hopkins wants serious LHW consideration, then fight a ****ing young, motivated fighter, not these recycled names.
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