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Originally Posted by compukiller
I can't stand PBF's personality, but I admire his skills. I've criticised him in the past, but his comp lately has been fairly serious.

The thing is, people were screaming for Hatton-PBF 2 years ago after Hatton beat Kostya, and PBF smashed Gatti.

Pbf offered to fight Hatton, at 140, in Manchester, but Hatton's camp turned down the fight, quite publicly. They did more than once too.

Now the fight is happening, and all of a sudden now people realize it's a one sided beating in waiting. People says it is unfair to fight at 147. But there are some things wrong with that....

First of all, Hatton is a former welterweight "champion". He "won" the WBA belt from Collazo. And this last time, it was Hatton who called out PBF, quite loudly on HBO after the JLC fight.

PBF is the lineal welterweight champ. Hatton called him out live on TV.

And people say PBF should move down to 140 to make it "fair" for Hatton.

The thing is, PBF could make 140 very easily, and I feel would give Hatton a worse beating at that weight. He'll be at his natural weight, faster, slicker, and maybe even more active.

But PBF is comfy at 147, with a even a brief excursion to 154 on his record. He is the main attraction, and he is THE CHAMP.

So PBF finally gives the people a fight they want, and all they do is complain. Sad, Sad, Sad.
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