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Default Re: Tale of the tape Calzaghe-Kessler

Originally Posted by TBooze
Not disupting the hardcore fans are intrested, but no normal person outside Wales and Continental Europe could care less. It shows how far boxing has slipped in mainstream support. The fact this is on Santana as well does not help matters either.

Amongst true boxing fans, this is the most anticipated fight of 2007.

The Ballad of the battle of Cardiff

(first Published in "LEGENDS OF THE RING, DECEMBER 2057)

When true fans are listening, with eyes that are glistening
To the greatest of boxing’s great tales.
As two pugs did clash, over huge wads of cash
In that faraway land they call Wales.

That night in November, Do you still remember?
Things started off cautious and slow.
The cheers had abated and everyone waited
For the entrance of Mikkel and Joe

The stadium was teamin’, with folks who were dreamin’
that their man would come out on top.
Imagine the pain of both Welshman and Dane
If the bout were to turn out a flop.

The youth of Mikkel, at the opening Bell
Seemed to point to a one-sided rout.
But while Welsh fans looked craggy, they knew that Calzaghe
Had a heart that was stalwart and stout.

And though neither faction, at the start of the action
Could be sure that their hero would win.
For months they’d been waitin’, no more hesitatin’
They howled for the fight to begin.

With the crowd in a trance, Mikkel did advance
But Joe was evasive and fast.
Both threw lots of punches, that landed in bunches
At that pace, this just wouldn’t last.

Cal’s fists were on fire, he must surely tire
No man could keep up such a pace.
But Kessler was tough, and when things got rough
He tattooed Joe’s body and face.

To much satisfaction, this fight was all action
And Kessler was blazing new trails.
The Welshmen were mute, this Dane was a brute!
They worried, Is this where Joe fails?

As round ten had finished, his pace much diminished
the Viking had started to lag.
Batina began, to scream at his man
He’d thought the fight was in the bag

And the Welsh spirits rose, Joe’s up on his toes
And he’s pressing with power shots galore.
As the punches connected, Mikkel looked dejected.
He can’t take this beating much more.

Mikkel thought “Thank heaven, I’ve got through eleven”
He pondered the possible score.
He threw out his duke, to try a left hook
But Joe feinted and countered once more.

The Danes were all hush, as Joe landed flush,
Then threw a hard left to the belly.
The Dane’s jaw was saggin,’ a hook from the dragon
had turned Kessler’s legs into Jelly!

"What’s wrong with my ear, this street sure looks *****"
Were the last thoughts Mikkel could remember.
The Welshmen all cheered what the Danes had all feared
That fateful night in November!

When true fans are listening, with eyes that are glistening
To the greatest of boxing’s great tales.
Old China Hand Joe, still tells of the show
Put on by Calzaghe in Wales.
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