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Default Povetkin admits he is too weak, hires a strength coach.

From babel-fish

"boxing became more pragmatically; therefore it appears otherwise"

Interviews with the Olympic boxing champion by Aleksandr povetkin

During October the boxing champion of the Olympic Games, and now professional boxer- Siberian topaz Aleksandr povetkin will meet the eks- champion of peace By krisom by Baird. The conqueror of this battle falls to the pretendentskiy duel to the right to be beaten outside champion title on version IBF with Vladimir klichko. On their the preparation for the battle, about ehlite of professional boxing and about their patriotic image Olympic champion and professional boxer ALEKSANDR POVETKIN tells in the interview for the correspondent OF RBK daily ALEKSANDR DEMENT'EVU.
- in the past battle you have the most serious rival for entire career - Larri Donald. It did be possible for you in this battle to realize that planned?
- battle passed successfully; however, to me commonplace physical force did not be sufficient, in order to conquer by knock-out. Although the possibilities in the round the sixth- seventh in me were, Donald did entire possible in order not to fall. But I obtained a good experience, after passing all ten rounds with the experienced enemy. All questions relative to my endurance are removed after this duel - for me it was possible at a good rate to pass entire distance. After the battle Of larri Donald approached us and left the number of its telephone, after expressing the desire in the future to be my sparring- partner.
- in Germany on 27 October you are encountered in combat from Kri­of somata by Baird - enemy, similar to Donald according to physical data, but much those by more titled. How you do evaluate the forthcoming rival?
- Kris Baird was the champion of peace of versions IBF and WBO for four years. Thus far he had after the arms serious experience in the amateurs, it was the silver prize-winner of the Olympic Games. Kris Baird very inconvenient boxer - it possesses unique style, acting at the counterattacks, constantly being in motion. American is disposed to the battle very seriously - the managers Baird reported that they will go to Germany to win.
- as does pass preparation for the battle?
- now we decided to close study physical training. In our command appeared new trainer for the physical training Aleksandr Orlov, in the past trained our composite on rowing and heavy athletics. My task - of collecting physical form. So that now I work at power endurance, power and explosive force. Therefore for me this there will already be entirely another boxing.
- should be expected from you the change of the style of conducting battle?
- it is excluded, to me this is not necessary. To change something is already late: cannot be been retrained actually. I will act on the ring in the same key, it is only more powerful and it is more rapid.
- recently medium height in the elite of Siberian topazes noticeably grew. There is an opinion that the high boxers solidly occupied positions in the heavy weight. You are ready to be contended with the taller opponents?
- to be beaten with the high not too and terribly, even in amateurs 4 much with them boxed. The main thing here - is correct to build tactics, to use all possibilities. It is possible to try to extend high enemy to itself, but it is not simple to always go forward. The advantage of his own increase competently is used for an example, Vladimir klichko, battle correctly is constructed. Now 4 sparringuyu with the high enemies, for example with Henry To akivande.
- on what versions of professional boxing you do move?
- first of all I move on version IBF, where Vladimir klichko is the champion of peace. But in the contemporary boxing events change very rapidly, here it reigns multifactoredness. Therefore it is here necessary to understand, that are always possible the most unpredictable versions. Recently to us rang the representative of federation of one of other prestige versions of professional boxing. According to him, in the case of the victory above Baird I to smog to move upward and in this rating.
- thus far boxers from the countries OF THE CIS were based only in the heavy weight. Can, according to your forecasts, the boxers of post-Soviet space appear themselves, also, in other categories?
- unconditionally, they will be able. Of the histories of the professional boxing in THE CIS a total of several years; therefore to require serious results in all weights are premature. In the Soviet Union we not had professional boxers. Then to descendants from THE CIS for a long time they did not give to develop - we not had either normal managers, or promouterov. But indeed the experience of the amateurish school of boxing, which was being cultivated to THE USSR, gives very much. If in Russia it will be possible to grow a good promouterskuyu company, then we will be able to achieve the success in all weights. Other for the present versions are not so interesting to our boxers in the financial plan. Many talented soldiers continue to appear in the amateurs, now there for them it is more than prospects.
- A that, in your view, until it does prevent the appearance in us of developed promouterstva?
- thus far to Russian promouteram simply does not be sufficient experience. took place only two shows, there were the specific troubles. However, in America such of show carried out by hundred, they already crowded hand. Now interest in the boxing grows. I hope that Moscow as a result will become arena number one in the world.
- you exploit the image of the Slav soldier: you leave under the song "Russia" and you are trained in Russia. Who did develop your image?
- image by anyone was in no way specially developed. 4 Russian person and which exists, such I leave to the ring. Many promoutery called me into Australia and into America, but 4 anywhere to go he did not want. When contract concluded, it was immediately stipulated, that I constantly am located in Russia, I am trained here. I leave where- or 4 only directly to the battle. On the Ukrainian sites me and my command was named nationalists. 4 Russian person and simply I love my country, my people.
- recently about the output on the professional ring stated your brother Vladimir povetkin. He is intended to seriously continue the career of boxer?
- thus far my brother looks at the professional boxing. He attempts to catch the wave, in which he boxed earlier. If it catches, then it will be compulsory to come out. The main thing so that it would collect sport uniforms. Vladimir progresses, but a sufficient form nevertheless did not collect.
- many experts note that the time of the bright stars, such as Ali, Tayson and Lewis, is forever shrewd. How you do evaluate present state in the heavy weight?
- boxing simply became more pragmatically; therefore it appears a little otherwise. It is now difficult to say that it would be with the stars of the past at the present moment. Vladimir klichko's the same completely could not give to box to young Taysonu and as a result would leave by conqueror in this battle. Biography of the champion Aleksandr povetkin was borne on 2 September, 1979, in Kursk. Povetkin - professional boxer- Siberian topaz (increase in 188 cm, the weight of 102 kg). Aleksandr occupies 9-11 places in the rating of the leading boxer organizations of the professional boxing WBA, IBF, WBC. Russian began to be occupied by boxing from the early years. However, he began career in kikboksinge, after becoming the champion of peace in this form of single combats. After this, Aleksandr returns to the amateurish boxing and in 2004 wins the Olympic Games, after becoming the first in the history of Russia Olympic boxing champion in the heavy weight. In 2005 Of povetkin is made the decision to pass into the professional boxing. It is combat at the given moment in Aleksandr povetkina 13. In all duels the Russian gained victory, with this 10 was combat Aleksandr it finished by knock-out. In spite of a small quantity it is combat, Povetkin had time to meet with the sufficiently well-known boxers, such as Larri Donald, Eudes makhon, David bostis. In the following battle, which takes place on 27 October in Germany, Povetkin will meet the eks- champion of peace of versions IBF and WBO By krisom by Baird. The conqueror of this battle falls to the eliminator - elimination duel to the right to be beaten outside title with the champion of peace of version IBF. Rival in the eliminator will become the conqueror of the battle Of kelvin Of brok - Eddy Chambers.
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