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Default Re: bentt puts sam peter into perspective

Originally Posted by box03
Believe it or not I used to like his older Brother Vitali and liked the way he would slug it out with other fighters until he pussed out on fighting Rahman 3 or 4 times, I know he was injured but how how many times do you want to me to buy that story. As far as Wlad goes I do dislike him he made up reasons why he lost to Brewster the first time they fought, if he would of just said the man was able to take my punches and I lost because I was tired that would of been cool with me. Wlad still has a weak chin he just knows how to deal with it better and it hasnt been tested since Peter, I believe Peter will be beat him next time because now he doesnt smother his punches anymore he takes a step back then punches. I will make a deal with you if Wlad beats Peter I will post a picture of me wearing a "I LOVE WLAD" shirt so everyone could see how wrong I was, thats how confident I am Peter will beat him the second time around.
That's funny cuz I'm just as confident that Wladimir stops Peter inside the distance next time around.
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