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Default Re: **Regarding the Heavyweights: who is the man...regardless?**

Originally Posted by Orishaman
At this point it is ludicrous to speak of HW unifications with everyone pulling for themselfs...Wladdy has been the busier, avenging demons from the past, yet...not really taking any chances against the top of the list, except Peter who he fought nearly 2 years ago and for what I seen he is a much improved custome and in line for the WBC titlist!!
What would it take for you to accept the man is fighting the best? Peter was an undefeated top 10 heavyweight and very highly regarded by many observers when Wlad beat him. Byrd was the IBF titlist and RING/general world #1-ranked heavyweight when Wlad beat him. Brock was an undefeated top 10 heavyweight and very well-regarded in some circles when Wlad beat him. Brewster wasn't on top at the time, but he was a former titlist and still generally top 15-ranked heavyweight, and the fight was a resounding answer to all the detractors who've been crying out for Wlad to avenge his losses. Only the Austin fight was kind of an easy-mark sort of match, and Wlad had to take that fight, because Austin was his mandatory and he would've been stripped of his belt if he hadn't. Wlad has fought far better opposition than any of the other titlists, been more active, and been more dominant. He's clearly the man of the division right now.

Now, with all the top Euro;s and Peter who is the man..what we will learn from the Peter he the man...can we honestly say that Wlady will need to address him one more time?
Peter has beaten exactly one top 20 opponent in his career, that being a disgustingly fat and deteriorated old middleweight in Toney, and most observers thought he lost the first fight. Other than that, he has about 17-18 wins against low-level and clubfighters, a few against top 30-ish guys like an old Jeremy Williams and Taurus Sykes, and a loss to Wlad. So no, Peter is not in line to somehow supercede Wlad as "the man" by picking up one win against the consensus worst of the four titlists.

That said, though, Peter would become the main threat to Wlad's place at the top of the current heavyweight pantheon with a win over Maskaev, and a rematch between the two would be interesting. And of course I'm all for unification(God, please let two titlists fight each other sometime within the next decade), so I would certainly support such a match.
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