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Default Re: Oscar Buys Ring!!!

Bad. No promoter/promotional company should own the so-called "Bible of Boxing".

Things must've been really bad financially over at The Ring. You would lose count if you tried to count the number of times in the past 5 years that The Ring (or its sister magazines) talked about how great their championship policy is and how it is free of bias. They also lost a lot of their crediblity in the late 70s when they sold their ratings, and have been trying to live that down.

Then they sell themselves to a large boxing promotional company. You wonder what they were thinking and how they know people would be some skeptical that they can still be neutral. Boxing fans are used to corruption in boxing and often naturally just distrustful because of all the shadiness that has gone in in the sport.

The fact that people in The Ring obviously know this and still sold themselves probably shows that times and sales were down.
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