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Default Re: General strategic advice guide

Originally Posted by thekokid View Post
yeh i got ****d up by a southpaw 1st round, couldn cope wit his straight left,, bt got the hang of it after a wile, gt beat tho,, he was hometown fighter so he got the decision,,

im a tall fighter n i wana go to the body more,,

watch Alexis Arguello to see it done

Its all about getting your distance right, too far away you expose your self, too close you smother the shots.

Practis throwing a 1-2 then stepping in and landing a left hook to the body till you get it perfect. The distance will be intinctive and you can mix up the body shots now.

I try and get round the side of the guard plant my feet then bang the body. For defence i normally just lean on them as that smothers their work. Then step back when i want to punch the body.
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