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Default Re: Povetkin admits he is too weak, hires a strength coach.

Originally Posted by huki
You're reducing Tyson down to someone who just had power in his left hook and didn't have the size to deal with large HWs? I didn't want to argue with you, but it just ****es me off when people underrate one the greatest HW's ever (and along with Ali, probably the best H2H HW ever). Tyson's speed/power was ****ing insane. Add the great timing and accuracy he had. Add the technical skills he had and add the great chin he had.. Wlad has NO chance whatsoever.

This "prime Wlad" you're talking about has only faced one dangerous opponent in Sam Peter and almost lost to him. The Sam Peter that wasn't even close to an elite fighter. Tyson would knock Wlad out in the early rounds and anything else would be shocking. You're quick to talk about Wlad's improved mind, but you are afraid to ever mention his chin.
Wlad would tie up iron mike when mike gets in close, and then like LL
jab mike to death and then start landing right hands. Mike could land and end the night, but to say wlad has no chance is just pure bias.
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