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Default Re: Povetkin admits he is too weak, hires a strength coach.

Originally Posted by teetop
Wlad would tie up iron mike when mike gets in close, and then like LL
jab mike to death and then start landing right hands. Mike could land and end the night, but to say wlad has no chance is just pure bias.
The Lewis-Tyson fight was meaningless and using that fight to help your argument is pointless. Wlad has no chance because he doesn't have the chin to deal with Tyson connecting punches with him.. which would happen. It's not as simple as just tying up Tyson and jabbing him to death for 12 rounds. It's part of it, but having the chin to take some shots occasionally is essential. Give Wlad the chin of Ali and then we've got a matchup.. unfortunately for Wlad it's impossible.

Originally Posted by Cachibatches
This is really good news for Povetkin. If he realizes that more power would be a benefit to his attacking style after the Donald fight, then we may se a new, re-loaded Alexander.

The bad translation was kind of charming.

One thing kind of bothered me- it seems to me like he said that he was approached by another promoter who said that if he beats Byrd, he will get a shot at their title. I could be wrong because of the translation thing, but thts how I read it.

That would mean no Alex-Wlad.

With the WBC strap tied up forever, that can only be Sultan or Chag. Since Chag pulled out of the fight, my guess is we are going to be seeing Alex-Chag.
All he said is that the WBO, WBC, or WBA called him up and said that if he beats Byrd, he will move up in their rankings too. I'm not sure why they would call him and say something that obvious, but it doesn't mean that he's getting a title shot in their organizations and not the IBF.

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