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Default Re: Povetkin admits he is too weak, hires a strength coach.

Originally Posted by curmudgeon
Are you nuts? Hater?

You are nuts. Go ahead and search my posts. Not too many of them are here. Look at page 3 of my posts for example. Then apologize.

Words of a hater:

If you do not apologize - you are a tool.
Sorry about that. I am a tool for not even looking you up before saying that. I usually do before I talk ****, but I didn't in this situation because it's a Povetkin thread and I got excited to reply fast. Plus, the title made it seem like you were the guy I thought you were.. the anti-Russian boxers guy with a strange sounding name who predicted he would get dominated by Donald and needs to get in shape. I just looked at those threads and saw that you were one of the few guys who thought Povetkin could beat Wlad. I also checked out your profile and saw that picture of Alexander Karelin, so clearly you are no anti-Russian. Sorry again for that re****ed mistake.
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