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Default Re: Honestly, how do u think COTTO/MOSLEY is gonna pan out?

Shane has really developed his boxing skills in absence of his strength (the balco thing). He spends alot of time now moving away and picking his shots. Which really isn't the way to get Cotto imo. I think to get Cotto you have to press him and put some hurt on him, just like Torres and Abdulaev tried to do.

Cotto is a smart guy. He's all business in there and doesn't get rattled. Unlike alot of other opponents he won't lose his cool trying to find Mosely. At least that is my personal opinion. I also don't believe Mosely has the type of power that would be required to discourage Cotto, as we've seen Cotto continue to come forward, bomb after bomb from Torres.

The way I see this playing out is a very tactical matchup with Cotto finding the mark more often as the fight goes on. Mosely will do what he does, moving away and picking shots but he will find Cotto getting closer and closer every round. This won't be a thinking man versus a dumb brawler. Cotto thinks in there just as much. Mosely is gonna find that out come fight night.

Cotto UD.
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