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Default Re: Care to speculate on what may have been different for these guys if they were white?

Originally Posted by Sweet Science
Well, obviously there are people of an unsound mind out there who would rate Spinks over Marciano or Dempsey. The only way Bowe could possibly rank higher than Marciano or Dempsey would be on a head to head basis and thats if you were purely looking at the very best example of Big Daddy from 1992.

The small minority of people who hate on Marciano and Demspey do so because they lack knowledge and what little they do have generally only extends about as far back as Tyson.

Well, Dempsey and Marciano are also put down by the "size is all or mostly all" crowd, and in fairness, there need not be a racial motivation for this. Many are Klitschko fans.
Also, there is the "modern is always best" crowd, also not necessarily based on racial motivation.

Of course, seeing Leon Spinks as better than Dempsey or Marciano is pretty far out.
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