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Default Jake Lamotta Vs. Joe Calzaghe

I've been talking with certain Joe Calzaghe fan (some of you might have already encountered this character...). And I came to a disagreement. I think Jake Lamotta would embarass Joe Calzaghe. There is a height difference of 5'8" (Lamotta) to 5'11" (Calzaghe). I still think that isn't enough. Lamotta's chin would be able to get right through any punch Joe has to offer. Then Jake would be money shots abound in pulverizing Joe's lower body and capping those body shot combos with cranial crunching hooks. The only way Joe could possibly win is if he stacks the cards in his favor as per what Leonard did to Hagler in their encounter.

Vote, and if you feel inclined please do put in your two cents.
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