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Default Re: Options for Jermain Taylor after his official starching?

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
Andrade is not a P4P ranked fighter though is he?

You must have missed all of the attempts in negotiating Calzaghe to travel for a lower end of the deal, such as going to the United States for Jones and Hopkins at one point, and significantly, going to Germany for Beyer and Ottke, only for those deals to be shot down when the potential opponents had all the playing cards, except for what they had to do in the ring.

Guys like the conservative paced Hopkins and then jokes but names at the time in Ottke and Beyer simply cannot win, thus why the bouts never got anywhere in negotiations.

It'll be similiar with the young fighter Cristian Mijares until he gets signed with an American promotional outfit.
Calzaghe would never have gone to Germany to fight Ottke, and don't get me wrong I don't blame him the least, because unless he stopped Ottke he would have been robbed. He would probably even have been disqualified just for sending Ottke to the canvas.

But let me get this right regarding Hopkins, are you saying that Hopkins' people would have promoted the Calzaghe vs Hopkins fight and Calzaghe furthermore had to pay Hopkins for the fight. So in other words Calzaghe would not have any income from this fight only expenses? The fight would have been in the UK just like the Lacy and Kessler fights and the attempted Taylor fight or are you going to claim that the Taylor fight would have been in the States too?

Calzaghe has only fought out of his comfort zone twice, and both times were when he knew there wasn't much of a risk.
First against Will McIntyre who had lost twice and never won anything or beat anyone of importence. That fight was on neutral ground at the Tysen vs Nielsen undercard.

Second time was in Germany against Veit, who Calzaghe already knew had no chin or will when faced with adversity.
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