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Default Re: Jake Lamotta Vs. Joe Calzaghe

I'm not saying Calzaghe would Lacy LaMotta, but he'd do a number on him.

Jake's offensive would be somewhat nullified against Calzaghe. Calzaghe can be beaten by counter-right hands (not really Jake's style). Calzaghe would just pick Jake off from the distance with his world class jab, occasionally moving in, slapping him a few times and then tying him up.

Anyways...aside from Lamotta's size being the only true disadvantage Lamotta's chin would walk right through the jab and the slaps and go straight for the body. It would probably be a good fight that wouldn't last more than six rounds (assuming Joe tried to trade or allow Jake within range), but I cannot fathom Calzaghe winning under any circumstance other than cuts or a decision (which even brings into account can Joe last 15 rounds? I doubt it since he's used to understanding that after 12 there is no fight). Only if Joe was able to stay away from Lamotta's smothering bully style he would be able to produce any headway.

Calzaghe would happily win on points. And yes Joe Calzaghe could last 15 rounds I'm sure. He has one of the highest work rates in the sport, Jeff Lacy ended up waiting the entire fight for Calzaghe's pace to slow, it never happened.

There is also nothing to suggest Calzaghe is anymore likely to be stopped than LaMotta here.
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