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Default Re: Jake Lamotta Vs. Joe Calzaghe

All kinds of things were overlooked. Personally I believe LaMotta to be a particularly bad name to pick against Calzaghe, not that there is a good name.

Calzaghe has more advantages than just size/height. Calzaghe is faster, in my opinion more elusive too. One big problem is, how is LaMotta going to work his way in? With a jab? I find that unlikely, given Calzaghe's southpaw stance, with the right hand up. The man has never been troubled by jabs throughout his career.

Right hands trouble Calzaghe, and I don't see LaMotta's right being as good as Eubanks' or Reids. My eyesight tells me Jake's is slower, though the aggressiveness is there, so he might land a few. I have no reason to believe either man is being stopped, unless it is by accumulation.

Joe Calzaghe is also better looking. This might make Jake jealous and cause him to lose his cool. Which definitely wouldn't be a good thing for Jake.

The other factor is the way Calzaghe has looked against pressuring fighters in the past, especially those smaller than he is. He generally picks them off no problem at range and moves in to land a high volume of punches once he opens then up a little. Joe almost certainly puts LaMotta onto the back foot for spurts, similar to how Robinson managed it in bursts.

LaMotta on the other hand? I don't see how he will remain close enough to the fleet footed Calzaghe to land these bodyshots. He can't really outbox Joe and pressure isn't going to work either.
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