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Default Re: Jake Lamotta Vs. Joe Calzaghe

Nah, that's not me at all. I love modern boxing every bit as much as the old stuff. It really doesn't make a huge amount of difference to me when the guy had his fight.

Here we have the best fighter that Calzaghe would ever have faced, and at 168, his "natural" weight too. So there are immediate questions about Calzaghe's ability to mix it in this class.

He's also up against a hard headed fighter that "takes one to give one" (though in this case he probably won't be landing at that ratio) & that combined with the fact that powderpuffs just won't keep Jake of you leads us straight up a path to Joe's biggest weakness.

On the other hand, Joe will be scoring plenty, has a serious advantage in height, can work, and is a good puncher when his hands are in tact.

Calzaghe would take an early lead but I also feel he would be made to work to fast for his own comfort in this one and would seriously start to flag down the home straight.

I'd be unsurprised if the decision was contested whichever way it went.
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