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Default Re: Remembering Inggo

Even though Ingo was one of the most limited of the heavyweight champions, and definitely not in the top ten, he deserves great respect and consideration for the use of the only thing he really ever had, and that was that lethal right hand bomb of his, the "Hammer of Thor". He was expert in the effective use of that punch, and he was one of the most purely destructive of all champions with it, at least for a while. He lulled Patterson to sleep for 2 -1/2 rounds before he sprang the trap, and kind of hypnotized Floyd along the way. Machen, he poleaxed in the first round, and then destroyed him two knockdowns later. He provides pleasure for a purist with his brutal knockouts produced with that hammer of his, nevermind his shortcomings in other areas. There is an art form in the effective delivery of a knockout punch, and that's what Ingo should be appreciated for.
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