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Default Re: Video of the fight of Jorge "Travieso" Arce versus the Tall Southpaw Rojas!

Originally Posted by Black
The quality of their matchups have been fairly poor so far but finally we get a good one on 10/4. Thanx for the info because I had no idea SOlis was fighting Batawang... Ohhh man that is going to be a *******. I must say that Solis is a one bad ass dude.

URbano Antillon still haven't broken out of his Prospect stage but I guess concepcion is his first test. Another good fight.

I'm also very high on Egdar Sosa but Solis is on another level as far as I'm concerend and he would beat Sosa again.
They are not fighting each other, also they are in different weight classes.

I don't know if VERSUS will show 2 undercard fights or just 1.

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