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Default Re: Dempsey VS Today's active heavyweights


You might think diferently if you had some better footage of Firpo. Against Willard for example he looks a lot better than the Dempsey fight would suggest.
He is still far behind Peter. Willard was an ancient monument when he fought Firpo, 42 or 43 years old.

These pictures do not contradict anything I have said. He clearly caries excess fat around his midriff above his trunks. I could probably find some pictures from a diferent angle that look less flatering still.
Well i guess we're done discussing, then. You think that's a tire of excess fat, i think he's in good shape.

You seem to be arguing that only the smaller fighters were talented back then despite the fact that they were taught by the same trainers as the biger fighters.

Did big fighters just not bother to learn?
Um, talent has nothing to do with learning. You either have it or you don't. And they didn't have it. A trainer cannot make a fighter more or less talented, you know that Janitor.

There were simply to little people in the higher regions. Why have we never seen a hispanic heavyweight champion and rarely a solid contender, despite there having been tons of great hispanics at lightweight etc? Because their average size is 5'6 140lb. Consequence? Very few guys are naturally big therefore there is a lack of talent in that region and they are not able to compete with the talent from other people where there is talent in the XXL size.

Now look at a side view of him and you will se a much less flatering picture.
If he was more than 25lb overweight as you claim, then i don't think a frontal picture could hide it, unless he can carry the weight.

But here you go:

Yes Galento deserved his title shot but he was ridiculed in the press for his training habits and lack of conditioning. It was not something people were used to seeing.
Yep. And still he went past twelve rounds several times if i remember correct. While i'm not advertising his conditioning, some fighters just have a different body type and boxing style and are conditioned accordingly. David Tua will always have some extra weight for exactly the same reason Galento does. Chagaev et all are a bit in between. But all of the above are fine fighters in their own right.
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