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Default Re: Dempsey VS Today's active heavyweights

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius
He is still far behind Peter. Willard was an ancient monument when he fought Firpo, 42 or 43 years old.
Firpo apears much more proficient against Willard employing feints and showing fair boxing ability.

He dose not look good against Dempsey but it is difficult to look good when you are knocked down five times inside a round and the timing of the film is shot.

Well i guess we're done discussing, then. You think that's a tire of excess fat, i think he's in good shape.
Just look at what is in front of you!!

Study the muscle definition of both.

Um, talent has nothing to do with learning. You either have it or you don't. And they didn't have it. A trainer cannot make a fighter more or less talented, you know that Janitor.
Right but there is no reason why the smaller fighters should have an edge in technique.

If he was more than 25lb overweight as you claim, then i don't think a frontal picture could hide it, unless he can carry the weight.

But here you go:
These pictures don't show much. In the first Peter is turned away slightly and in the second his arm obscures his upper body so that the belly is less emphasized but still aparent.

Yep. And still he went past twelve rounds several times if i remember correct. While i'm not advertising his conditioning, some fighters just have a different body type and boxing style and are conditioned accordingly. David Tua will always have some extra weight for exactly the same reason Galento does. Chagaev et all are a bit in between. But all of the above are fine fighters in their own right.
They are fine fighters they just could be better.
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