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Default Re: Dempsey VS Today's active heavyweights

Just look at what is in front of you!!

Study the muscle definition of both.
And then? Going by that, we'd conclude that Briggs is in excellent shape.
This is not a body building contest. Fighters need not be ripped. Fedor Emilianenko looks like a bus driver but he destroys all the 300+ lb ripped fighters they put in front of him.

Chagaev, Sultan, Povetkin et al are fighters and their bodies are a result of training for boxing, not body building. Some people have more talent for a muscular look but in the end it's the ability that counts. Which they most certainly have!

Right but there is no reason why the smaller fighters should have an edge in technique.
Technique to a large degree comes down to talent and dedication. A guy like Carnera or Valuev will never be a smooth, technical boxer because they are simply not like that, regardless of trainer.

These pictures don't show much. In the first Peter is turned away slightly and in the second his arm obscures his upper body so that the belly is less emphasized but still aparent.
Well, i'm not going to spend more time on this, i've provided plenty of pictures and you have made up your mind just like i have.
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