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Default Re: If Jack Dempsey was fighting Harry Wills tomorrow...

I would like to know what big, skilled, world class heavyweights Dempsey defeated--or opponents similar to Harry Wills in size, skill and experience that make this such a walk over for Jack. IMO, Demspey never beat anyone of Wills ilk--just didn't. So I get confused as to where all the "Wills was made for Demspey" stuff comes from.

Harry Wills was no Luis Firpo or Jess Willard and those that think he was are mis-informed. By the time Harry became a contender, around 1919 or so, he was a big, skilled and well experienced fighter who in a very busy career faced off with what I consider a far deeper group than our pal Jack.

As for him being slow and having a weak chin, I just don't see where that is shown. Does anyone here have prime footage of Wills--or contemporary reports of him being a lumbering giant? And who was knocking him out with such frequency that his chin is now deemed suspect?
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