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Default Re: Care to speculate on what may have been different for these guys if they were white?

Originally Posted by janitor
Sam Langford would verry likley have been the champion at some point if he had been white. It would just have been a matter of Jack Johnson geting old enough and Johnson would not have been able to avoid him.

Muhamad Ali would have been even bigger than he was at the box office but might not have become as much of a cultural icon. It is quite likley that he would not have been drafted as the draft boards were notorious for selecting young outspoken black men.

Chris Byrd as a white American beltholder could have been a superstar. Especialy given that he gave up a lot of weight to his oponents.
A certain King of Rock and Roll was drafted. And he was white.
Rocky Marciano got drafted before he found fame.
Gene Tunney was pretty well known, but he got drafted for WW1.
Billy Conn also got drafted, So did Toney Zale. And other white stars.
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