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Default Re: my getting in shape for the army log

are you just training to get weight off at the moment? with the pull-ups the only thing to do is keep at it, get a bar and just do them as often as possible. monkey bars in kids play grounds are great too as they get your arms used to supporting your weight (but go early in the morning when you run cos you dont wanna look like a nonce do ya!). i'd suggest a good thick,strong rope to climb too, but from what you've said its not going to do you much good at the min. press-ups are like pull-ups, the only way to get good at them is to do them as often as possible. then do some more! i'd also run every day if i was you, you need to get used to pain anyway, and you wont get a day off in the army. stop being soft now, dont wait for them to make you. mix your runs up though so it doesnt get boring, steps, hill sprints etc and train twice a day, every day. but take weekends off, just go for a light swim or if you play any sports, try save it as a weekend activity. walk everywhere, dont drive or use public transport. the army's a great life for the right people. it doesnt matter what regiment/unit. i spent a year in the royal marines but due to a badly busted knee i couldnt complete the commando tests so came out and joined the infantry instead and served for 8 years. enjoy it mate, good luck.
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