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Default Re: Bowe-Holyfield III

You said it, Bowe was terrific at his best and given what Holyfield went on to achieve (and achieved beforehand) Bowe's domination in the first fight in '92 must count as a tremendous single performance...

Originally Posted by jbrunner3
The Holyfield-Bowe trilogy is truly the 2nd best in
heavyweight history. Bowe puts on a dominating performance in the first fight, one of the top 10 single fight performances in history, IMO. The second fight is dead even...the 7th round is difficult to score b/c Bowe won the pre-fan-man portion and Holyfield got the better when they resumed. If I remember correctly, one judge gave Holyfield the 7th and that was the difference in the fight. Personally, I believe the fight was even...and I'm a huge Holyfield fan.
The third fight was a lot less boxing and a lot more "stand and roundhouse." Although Holyfield knocking down Bowe may have been the single most shocking moment of their trilogy, his lack of stamina in the 5th, 6th and 8th rounds was equally shocking and sad. I believe Holyfield was suffering from Hepatitis. I also believe that Holy belongs ahead of Bowe on all-time lists for sheer accomplishment and his number of quality fights and quality wins. Bowe was the better fighter, but Holyfield had the better career.
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