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Default Holmes (early 80s) vs. Ali (late 60s)

The Larry that beat up Muhammad in defense of the WBC title vs. the Muhammad that beat up the whole world (before slowing down a step post-exile and still beating up Larry in sparring in the early 70s).

This was inspired by both the recent Holmes interview that Rumsfeld and Boxing Girl did on the OTR show, as well as the Classic Forum all-time heavyweights ranking (in which Holmes netted about 1/3 the points as Ali).

Now, I'm not going to try and fight the uphill battle that Holmes rightfully deserved to be #1 (although #3 may be a bit too far a swing in the other direction) - a case can be made, but a case under duress and fought uphill. Ali at his best is hard to deny. But stylistically, if you could put a wrinkle in time and take the closest to prime Ali available (edit: the vintage just preceding the exile) and pit him head-to-head against Larry at his peak in terms of ability (except in this fight, not playing nice and pulling punches as he did in October 1980) - how would the fight play out?

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