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Default Re: Dempsey VS Today's active heavyweights

Originally Posted by Maxmomer
You're preaching to the choir their, buddy. Personally I rate Dempsey as a top 3 heavyweight of all time, second only to Ali and tied with Louis. I spent a day and a half arguing why I thought Dempsey would beat Marciano Head to Head on the general board. I want to say that Dempsey would pound all the current heavyweights to ****.
Archie Moore, according to a Gil Clancy interview I read once, said that Dempsey was a physically strong man, as he heard it from an old trainer acquaintence he knew. Dempsey was a hard as steel kind of guy who could capitalize in a flash on a mistake and end it all with one shot, as Jack Sharkey found out, and Gene Tunney almost found out. I think he is painfully underrated by today's brilliant boxing intelligensia, for whom boxing only began with Muhammad Ali, or the eighties. The great modern day historical revisionists of boxing.
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