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Default Re: Sonny Liston vs. Larry Holmes

Originally Posted by mcvey
Liston wasnt ranked in the top ten till 1958,he came in at no 9,that year he beat Billy Hunter by ko in2,Hunter wasnt rated ,but would be no 6 the next year,Liston also kod Wayne Bethea in 1 that year ,he wasnt rated ,but had been no8 the previous year.In 59 Liston kod Mike Dejohn in 6,he was rated no 8, Nino Valdes was kod in 3 he had been no 2 the previous year and no 6 the year before that,listons other wins were over Cleveland Williams ko3 and Willie Besmanoff ko 7.In 1960 as the number 1 contender ,Liston again kod Williams in 2, Roy Harris in 1, Harris was unrated ,but had been no7 the year previous.Liston also decisioned Eddie Machen who was rated no3,kod Zora Folley in 3 ,he was rated no4,Dejohn whom Liston had kod in 6 the year previously was rated no6 in 1960.I dont know where you are going with your post ,but if ever a contender deserved a shot at the title it was LIston,he had cleared house ,when I say fighters are not rated ,I mean not in the top 10 at that time,most of them never left the top 20 rankings. Sonny may have been past his best,but what was left of it was certainly too much for the other contenders,he wasnt beating washed up fighters and journeymen ,he was koing rated fighters and doing it with ease.
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