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Default Re: Sonny Liston vs. Larry Holmes

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius
Where did i say he didn't deserve his title shot?

Like i said before, i mixed up the dates up to '59 instead of '60. DeJohn was the only contender he beat up to that point. There have been many people getting title shots based on beating up journeyman and washed up contenders, but up to that point i don't think he had THAT much ground for a titleshot. That came end '59 / early 60's when he started laying the ranked contenders out.

Patterson however was having a rightful trilogy with Johansson untill march '61. He took an easy defense after that and faced Liston right afterwards. Big deal. Liston was legitly avoided for little over a year. The way Bowe avoided Lewis is far, far worse. Same for Dempsey ducking Wills.

And then some people are claiming that he was totally past it and very very old, only a year after he twice destroyed the reigning champion inside of one round.

I have a poster of Clay/Liston and it lists Liston's age at 29. Of course, when he lost, his fans needed an excuse to live with the reality that he got the **** kicked out of him and made to quit by an at that time considered fragile, weak chinned loudmouth, and they started saying he was 35 or older!
So, you actually think he was 29?
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