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Default Re: 12 Rounds of Boxing vs MMA. Pretty Cool.

Great post!

I agree with you. Whichever side you choose, Hockensmith presented a better argument. Struby just didn't know how to effectively defend his point of view.

Whenever I see a boxing versus MMA thread I immediately think of it as a boxer fighting an MMA fighter and I get very loud because the answer is so very very clear as to what happens. The boxer wins the boxing match, the MMA fighter wins the MMA match.

This type of discussion, however, is far more distrubing. Boxing versus MMA in an economic sense, in a popularity sense, is a very disturbing argument for me. I don't want EITHER to win because I enjoy watching both. Who cares which one has the most viewers, I just want both to be around for me to enjoy.

People who hate MMA and love boxing who spout on about how boxing is more popular are just being dumb. I mean, football is more popular than hockey but that doesn't mean that football is better, or that Hockey shouldn't be around. MMA and boxing are different sports that appeal to a similar fanbase, but there is no reason that one has to overtake and "kill" the other for that fanbase.
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