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Default Re: Archie Moore vs. Joe Calzaghe?

Originally Posted by McGrain
Guys; he is obviously on the wind up. On a small scale this is how every debat involving CHJ goes, or so it seems.

He makes a series of borderline claims about Calzaghe which are refuted/disputed/mocked. Rather than back the original claim he makes a serious of properly outrageous claims to either cover his tracks or for his own amusement (trolling, then).

What's he's done over the past few weeks is exactly this on a larger scale. It's a **** take that has culminated with Calzaghe beating Liston. Either to **** as many people of as is possible for a joke (trolling) or because he's trying to cover his earlier claims concerning his total refutation of Charles as an ATG or the 40's as a poor era.

YOU decide.

But what not to do is to take this seriously, at all.
when will they learn

Do people not remember the Willie Pep thread. CHJ is to be taken with mild amusement, he has that "I am joking in a half serious way" approach.
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