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Default Re: dream fight - tommy morrison vs jeremy williams

Both looked equally impressive/limited on the way up, but once they got to the top it was Morrison who scored the better wins and beat the better opposition.

Morrison proved that what he couldn't out-punch, he could usually out-box. Ruddock may have managed to cancel out his movement and in-out techniques, but Morrison substituted with sheer power. Morrison's left-hook and right uppercut bounched off Foreman's chin, but Morrison's footwork and defense (which was good on the back-foot) allowed him to out-box Foreman.

It was when Morrison got excitable against Michael Bentt and Ray Mercer that he underperformed. Had he been as conservative in those fights as he was against Foreman, he'd have certainly beaten Bentt and had a very good chance against Mercer.

The only way to totally out-class Morrison was to be like Lennox Lewis, and be able to take/block Morrison's shots as well as out-box him at a distance. Based on the Lewis fight you'd think Morrison was hopeless, but he was actually one of the most versatile and talented contenders of the 1990s.

His heart and head always seemed in a bit of a conflict, which made for some awkward stragegies sometimes (he slugged against Bentt when he should have boxed, and boxed against Lewis when he would have a better chance by slugging). The top tier (Bowe, Holyfield, Lewis and Tyson) would always beat him badly, but below that he had a shot against almost anyone. Plus, of course, he was more exciting than 90% of the heavyweights of the 1990s, because you never knew what was going to happen next in a Morrison fight.

Jeremy Williams, on the other hand, was just one of those prospects that doesn't pan out. Basically, from the Larry Donald fight on, he was no longer considerable as a possible "next big thing", especially after Bowe dominated Donald.

Against each other, I'd pick Morrison to come out confidently, get into a slugfest with both of them visiting the canvas once or twice, before Morrison eventually coming through in the 3rd/4rth round to KO Williams in highlight-reel style.
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