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Default Re: Going to be here less

Originally Posted by BoppaZoo
im sure not to many concerned, but i will be here on ESB less from now on as i just got a new J.O.B doing night shift work so ive taking to sleeping lots when not working.

Just some advice to the rest of the Aussie boys dont let MSTR rule the board like he thinks he does.

Ill be here from time to time to enter my picks and discuss boxing just no where near as much as i used too.

Not that anyone gives a **** but i just thought i would post it so MSTR doesnt think he owns the Aussie forum cause he is such a expert just ask him.

If you are affended by this Roy. all i can say is


Sorry 2 hear that! I will cut down as well. i will cut from 9 posts a day, down to about oh..........8 or so
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