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Default Re: Now that Castillo is done, where does he rank?

Originally Posted by Mantequilla
I think he was certainly better than Corrales(not a big fan of Chico) and Casamayor was past his prime and very small compared to Castillo, who didn't look too good in taht fight.
You got to go by what a guy did. Chico has wins over Garcia when he was streaking, Casa when he was on top form and other good wins like Gainer. That's at 130. Not to mention excellent wins in Freitas and Castillo.

Casa was not past his prime when Castillo fought him.

Casa, Castillo, Freitas, Corrales and Floyd all had close fights against each other. They were all excellent fighters.

Castillos close fights with Johnston are indictive of the what Johnston could do. Unfortunately Johnston didn't do what he could do on paper. I consider Johnston an excellent fighter.

Some consider him undefeated until he fought Lazcano. They don't think he lost to Bazan or Castillo.
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