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Default Re: Felix Sturm vs Artur Abraham

Sturm on points but he´d need to be focused for the full route.

People imo put slightly too much emphasis on the castillejo KO, Sturm was widely leading on the cards and made the mistake of trading with the guy. He did so in order to avoid the treatment he had received by the crowd when he ran for the last round in the match against the Kiwi puncher (forgot his name). he had got whistled and booed in that incident. That btw was a crowd response that one and for all proved par excellence that german boxing crowds often have no clue about the game.

Sturm had the match in his bag but started acting stupidly in the first castillejo fight.

Sturm btw said he didnt believe a fight against Abrams was likely to come off. "seeing sauerland only has got one World Champ left you can figure yourself how sincerely them calling me out (to make Abrams vs Sturm) is meant to be". Kohl said: "I do not have received anything resembling a substantial or serious fight offer"
Every boxer whose been in with Abraham has gotten hit, theres never been one fighter who was able to outbox Abraham for any duration of time during the entire fight or a particular round. Abraham beat the 6'4 version of Sturm in Ikeke, thers no way Sturms gone get Abrahams respect with his punches, theres no way. Thats why his gone loose. To beat Abraham, you have to be willing to take bombs, Sturms is just not that type of fighter. Hill either go into a shell and make it a track meet as soon as he tastes Abrahams power, or hill get KO'd trying to be tuff.
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