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Default Re: Now that Castillo is done, where does he rank?

Castillo imo has been a bordrline great. He has put in very consistent, (albeit not outstanding) perfromances, never being outclassed despite facing a high level of opposition.

I have him ranked 46th all time as a lightweight.

The lightweights go deeper than any division in the sport, and the ranking I have for him is not an insult imo. At the same time he COULD be ranked as high as 30 without it being in any way absurd, as there is not much the separates guys in the 30-50 bracket.

One of the deciding factors in ranking him is deciding how his close fights against Mayweather, Johnston, Casamayor and Lazcano went. Other than both Johnston fights, which I had Stevie edging, I think he beat the others. Although admittedly, all those close bouts could have gone either way.

Here's my list:

1. Roberto Duran
2. Benny Leonard
3. Henry Armstrong
4. Joe Gans
5. Pernell Whitaker
6. Ike Williams
7. Julio Cesar Chavez
8. Barney Ross
9. Tony Canzoneri
10. Carlos Ortiz
11. Alexis Arguello
12. Jack Blackburn
13. Lew Tendler
14. Lou Ambers
15. Dave Holly
16. Esteban DeJesus
17. Beau Jack
18. Bob Montgomery
19. Ken Buchanan
20. Jack McAuliffe
21. Sammy Mandell
22. Jimmy Carter
23. Freddie Welsh
24. Willie Ritchie
25. Oscar De la Hoya
26. Ismael Laguna
27. Joe Brown
28. Shane Mosley
29. Floyd Mayweather
30. Battling Nelson
31. Wes Ramey
32. Willie Joyce
33. Lew Jenkins
34. Ad Wolgast
35. George Lavinge
36. Billy Petrolle
37. Sammy Angott
38. Hector Camacho
39. Jimmy Britt
40. Rocky Kansas
41. Mando Ramos
42. Ray Mancini
43. Jose Luis Ramirez
44. Edwin Rosario
45. Ritchie Mitchell

46. Jose Luis Castillo
47. Jim Watt
48. Stevie Johnston

(That's excluding Napoles, Pryor, Locche, Loi, McFarland and Griffo who I rate at different weights.)
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