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Default what about weight training?

In the "complete beginner guide" posted below I didnt see much for weight training involved. I am a newbie and was wondering how I can fit my weight training into my new boxing routines? Or do I exclude my bench pressing, bicep curls, skullcrushers, etc? The reason why I ask is because I am 185 lbs right now with 10% bodyfat and my goal was to start fighting at 178 lb class by going down to 6% bodyfat so that I don't lose any of my muscle that I worked so hard to gain throughout the last year that I have been lifting weights. I can guarentee ill lose a lot of power from about a 10 lb muscle loss if I follow the routine posted in the message below. Is it ok for me (a real newbie) to continue my weight training or do I drop it to strictly follow the routine listed in the last message?
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