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Default Re: Did Lennox Lewis have the best uppercut ever?

Originally Posted by PetethePrince View Post
Ruddock was a little damaged by Tyson. You don't think the 10-15 lbs of muscle and growing into his body with the new Stewart in his corner helped Lewis hit harder? I know he improved balance and such, but I believe his right was a bit more nasty in the mid to late 90's rather than early 90's.
I dont think Ruddock's durability was necessarily diminished when he fought Lewis. Look at the punch that put Ruddock down the first time, it was just a big brutal power-packed punch. And there are other examples.
Also, I dont think all that extra weight Lewis carried was muscle. At 225 to 230 pounds he had noticeably more muscular definition that he had when he was 240 - 250, so I think the added weight was mostly body fat.

He might have improved a bit as a fighter in many areas but I think that raw destructive power was one thing that was evident to the same degree all along.
just an opinion though.
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