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Default Nutrition for boxing

Brought to you by the Nutrition Nazi, me. This is a work in progress, I intend to keep it a simple set of rules. Please add any criticism / additions in the comments, I will edit them in as good as possible. I also accidentally deleted the recipes thread, so those are welcome here as well as long as they don't conflict with the Nutrition Nazi Rules

General nutrition rules:

- Drink water throughout the day. Dehydration can hamper performance in a major way. A glass of water should be taken at every meal.
- Frequent meals, six to eight times a day. This keeps metabolism high, and makes sure you have plenty of energy and nutrients for both activities and recovery throughout the day.
- The primary goal of nutrition is maximizing health and performance. Depending on your secondary goal, the amount of calories varies, diet itself does not. If you want to lose weight take smaller portions, if you want to gain weight do the opposite. The rules of diet do not change, only the amount of food taken in (and of course your workout regimen).
- Whole natural foods, rich in the nutrients that processing tends to destroy. Anything that contains sugars for example should contain the vitamins and minerals that are supposed to accompany those sugars. This means no fizzy drinks and other empty sugar sources, select your food by nutrient density.
- Every meal should consist of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Diets that avoid either one of these things will have a negative effect on performance and your general health.
- Most of your carbohydrate intake should come from fruits, vegetables or at worst whole multi grain bread.
- Variation, don't eat the same food every day.
- There's no such thing as patented food. Natural food can not be patented.
- Buy your food fresh if possible, preservatives can be unhealthy. It's not always feasible, but worth keeping it in mind. Frozen, if done rapidly, also preserves many nutrients.
- If you want to lose weight your calorie expenditure should exceed your intake. There's no magic involved. Stored fat needs to be used for energy and energy will not be generated if there is no activity. Any supplement that promises magic weight loss without workouts is a scam. The Hydroxicut disaster should serve as a lesson.

Easy diet fixes:
- Vegetable soup with meat *****. Provides quality protein and animal fats through meat. Nutritional value is very high because of the different vegetables used. Adding garlic, onion, etc. will increase the nutritional value even more. Frozen vegetables are cheap and rich in nutrients.
- Herbal teas. An easy way to take in vitamins and other phytochemicals (like anti-oxidants for example) you would not get from many other food sources. Green teas, herbs like ginseng, nettle, mint, the possibilities are endless.
- Smoothies. Many people find it hard to eat large amounts of fruits, but not so with smoothies. Yogurt and quark provide the fats and proteins, fruit takes care of the rest. Add flaxseed to make it even better.
- Salads. Raw vegetables with all the nutrients still in it. Add some eggs, dressing or home made mayonnaise, pieces of apple, pine seeds, etc.
- Trail mix. Mixed nuts and dried fruits like raisins, cranberries or goji berries. Easy for when you're commuting or just a quick snack during work hours.

An example day:

Meal 1: Home made smoothie (banana, raspberry, strawberry, peach, orange juice, yogurt, grounded flax seeds, cinnamon), a multi vitamin and glucosamine.
Meal 2: Whole multi grain sandwiches with butter and cheese, and unpasteurized (raw) milk.
Meal 3: Potatoes, vegetable soup (carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, leek, chives, celery, garlic, union, etc) with meat ***** and chicken and buttermilk.
Meal 4: Same as meal 1, home made smoothie.
Meal 5: More of the soup from meal 3, a peanut butter sandwich and glucosamine.
Meal 6: Salmon and peas.

This is a completely random example, you can swap meals, use different veggies, eat a nice dish instead of soup, whatever you want as long as you follow the rules. Between meals drink water and / or tea.
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