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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by LJB View Post
Cheers for making it clearer, but for a basic diet without going in depth like blood suger levels, fructose etc surley my diet is correct In a way? If your trying to lose weight surley carb intake at times when your not going to burn it is a bad idea ? Correct me if I'm wrong which I'm sure someone will as I'm sure I don't have a greater knowlodge as some :P
Carb intake can serve multiple goals. It may be replenishing muscle for past use, it may also be storing for future use. It's all rather meaningless, what matters is the big picture, in other words your average intake over a longer period. Your body is perfectly capable of maintaining energy levels, whether it's in muscle, blood or the liver. Just make sure you stay fed throughout the day, and that the food you digest comes with the nutrients it's supposed to have.
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