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Default Re: Is Hatton's resume better than Tszyu?

Jake Rodriguez : Reigning World Champion
Jan Bergman : Undefeated at the time. Highly rated.
Hugo Pineda : Highly Rated at the time
Rafael Ruelas : past it when fought Tszyu.
Hurtado : one defeat to Pernell Whitacker only.
MA Gonzales : one defeat to De La Hoya only. World Champion
Shot JCC : Fight should not have happened
Sharmba Mitchell : World Champion at the time.
Urkal : Undefeated when he fought Tszyu
Judah : Undefeated world champ. Tszyu considered underdog.
Tackie : Solid if underwhelming fighter. Tszyu's performance in this fight was impressive though. Tszyu boxes him beautifully.
Roger Mayweather : Past it when fought Tszyu.
Juan Laporte : Past it when fought Tszyu, but was only Tszyu's forth pro fight.
Sharmba 2 : Mitchell had not been put down in eleven years and was the favourite. Impressive win with Tszyu coming off a serious shoulder injury.
Leija : Solid fighter. Could say he was past it when fought Tszyu, except Tszyu was older.

Losses to Phillips and Hatton obviously dent the record and that includes the obvious fact he actually lost to Hatton (although that was the final fight of his career and he went down fighting).

Two fights he failed to make weight first attempt? Hatton and Phillips
Trainer told him to retire after Mitchell 2 after seeing motivation start to wane. Trainer told him to delay Phillips fight due to being sued by promoter and training interrupted by court appearances.

Not excuses, but I think Tszyu tarnished his legacy with some poor decision making at the time as well as some arrogance in under-estimating some hungry opponents. Tried to out-slug concrete chinned Phillips when his corner had told him to box and take the win on the cards, then tried to fight on the inside with Hatton when his corner told him to jab and set up for the right (which he started doing in the middle rounds, his most successful, before fading which to me was a combination of Hatton pressure, weight drain and age)

Hatton then refused a rematch (publically).

Tszyu lacks one more big win to really establish him as the premiere 140 pound fighter (despite thirteen title defences and title unification). He needed to win the Phillips fight as the promise was a show-down with De La Hoya.

All that said, his resume is better than Hatton's. Tszyu destroyed the best versions of world champion fighters like Mitchell and Judah quicker than anyone else. He fought good and dangerous fighters from the very beginning. Add to that he is considered one of the best amateur fighters ever, as well as the nicest sportman I can think of, and he deserves some respect.
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