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Default Re: Lineage of the coloured heavyweight title

put on their skit, the ozone in
Gotham was filled with rumors that
Norfolk was to bo the victim of a
knockout wallop—so as to "make'
the Dempsey-Wills match; Norfolk
was to be sacrificed upon the altar of
those who lare confident that, if
properly manipulated, a Dempsey-
Wills bout would be productive of a
$1,000,000 gate.
The ycalled the turn—a* regards
to a seeming "laydown" by Norfolk.
But the bout, instead of enhancing
the prospects of a meeting between
Dempsey and Wills, has done nothing
hut deal to boxing a terrible body
blow. For when men pay big money
to see a fight—and then see an ooftygoofty—
trey usually chant "never
again"—-and hold to such a resolve.
Boxing hasn't known a very
realthy existence since itwas reborn
in New York. It is Sicker just now
and nearer to a new death than
ever before. And the men behind
the Wills-Norfolk "fight" may, in
the end, prove to be its executioners
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