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Default The Moon-Galaxy Rivalry

For me these two fights encompass one of the best rivalries of the little weights.

I re-visited these two fights after McGrain posted his 'Fenech vs Zarate TD 4' thread; he said on that thread that he felt it was a letdown that the fight stopped early, that he saw something in Zarate and that he would've liked to have seen more, whatever the outcome.

For me, this immediately brought to mind the first Khaokor Galaxy and Sung Kil Moon fight.

For the first few rounds Moon employs some very good and well-thought out aggression; he cuts off the ring regularly, and Galaxy is merely pawing with his jab.

Something that really impresses about Moon is that when out of range he will swing a wild hook from distance (similar to Jofre) which takes Galaxy's attention away from his fast foot movement which brings him in to range.

In the first few rounsd Moon looks the stronger of the two, a picture completely different from their 2nd fight (more on that later) In the 3rd and 4th round Galaxy starts to stand his ground and trade with Moon, again Moon looks the stronger of the two. I particularly like the way Galaxy doubles up with a left straight and uppercut. Moon rallies back, but it's still quite a cagey affair.

The penultimate fifth round features some spirited exchanges. Here, Khaokor starts to turn Moon and get him against the ropes, but in the middle of the round Moon responds with some hellacious blows; of which Galaxy asks for more! I believe Moon briefly hurts Galaxy with about 20 seconds left; he then pushes him back to the ropes and unleashes a combination at Galaxy, who in turn uses his own strength to bull Moon back and exchange. Right at the end of the round Galaxy shows off one of his fantastic combinations; he such variety in his shots. Maybe a slightly lesser puncher compared to his Brother, but two things must be taken into consideration; one is that Khaosai never came up against a formidable presence such as Moon. Even though only 6 fights into his career he clearly possesed a solid chin. The other things is that Khaokor's punches are turned over very well and they are always solid shots; they are meant to do damage, and I feel he is a B+ puncher in terms of all-time Bantams. Around the same as say, Lionel Rose?

The stoppage is fair IMO. A bad clash of heads after a spirited exchange? It is clearly right on top of the eyelid and very deep indeed. I don't feel it was designed to give Moon, who was clearly ahead, the title and stop an emerging and resurgant Galaxy from coming back and retaining. It was just IMO.

How do you guys think this would've panned out? Do you think Galaxy had figured Moon out?

Now, the 2nd fight for me is a completely different affair. I think you can say it takes off from where the first fight ended.

Moon comes out strong but Galaxy comes right back at him. He stuns Moon briefly and constantly throws sharp but solid straight blows. One thing I really like about Galaxy is that he doesn't seem to move out of range much; he will let his opponent come into range and try and land some counters on him. If it doesn't come off, he simply uses his immense strength to push Moon away. Now, Moon himself was very strong; in fact, although I am going to wax lyrical about just what I loved about Galaxy in this fight, it is clearly not one-sided; it is very, very competitive.

Moon impresses me with his sheer will and determination. Whatever Galaxy throws at him he keeps coming. One thing then; Is Galaxy able to beat him so convincingly due to Moon being one dimensional? Or is Moon sufficiently dangerous enough to render this performance impressive still? (a mix of the both IMO)

I would like to give the 2nd round to Moon. Both fighters are busy, and Galaxy is landing some sickening body shots in the first round and using good movement. I think this is a very close round because of this. Moon lands a very good series of blows towards the end of the round after initially knocking Galaxy off balance. Moon was very busy.

As the fight goes on Galaxy starts to overwhelm Moon by turning him and pushing him away, letting off combinations on the inside and outside.

At the end of the seventh round Khaokor hurts Moon and has him pinned against the ropes. Here he shows the same instinct for finishing opponents in the corner as his brother; the same cold-eyed stare, picking the shots efficiently and every one with bad intentions. Moon shows a solid chin to stand up to these.

The 10th round is a fantastic one. I'm tempted to say it's one of my favourite rounds of all time. Khaokor is getting very confident it seems, and almost forgets who he's in there with. Backing Moon up against the ropes Galaxy briefly trades wildly.

Moon sharp shoots a straight right at Galaxy and knocks him back. Like a Shark with blood Moon is unrelenting. He punches Galaxy across the ring and has the ex-champ holding. Another series of punches has Galaxy holding again.

However; Galaxy throws a beautiful right hook at Galaxy which reminded me of the hook that Castillo felled Corrales with in their rematch (from an orthodox stance of course) a hook-cum-uppercut that enables him to perform in the last ten seconds or so. This is a very close round with both men hurt but I give it to Moon.

In the 11th Moon shows his toughness and courage, getting continuously beaten on and falling down after a seemingly endless assault on the ropes. Strangely, the Referee administers a standing 8-count shortly afterwards, even though Moon is against the ropes he doesn't seem to have been held up by them.

Another nice touch about Galaxy is his intelligence; even though he has Galaxy very hurt in the 11th he comes out for the last round 'dancing'; keeping out of range, not allowing Moon chance to snatch a late victory. It must've been hard for Moon to fathom when Galaxy was tired, as he has a way of stepping out of the action, laboriously dropping his arms before re-setting as if to say 'Oh, you again'.

Now, my card is very, very wide. How did others score it? Is Galaxy's ring generalship really as good as I make out.

It is genuinely one of the most complete Bantamweight performances I have ever seen. His ring generalship is incredible and varied.

One thing I am interested in is the build-up to both fights, especially the 2nd. Is there anything about Moon's preperation that I do not know about that may affect the way I view this performance? I'm guessing one of the well-read guys on here will have read 'Ring Magazine' from around the time.

One thing I'm very eager to find out more about is Galaxy's final match which follows the 2nd Moon fight; a fix? Galaxy's chin seemed nigh-on undentable, and he could slip blows as well as ship them. Does this fight detract from his final standing or H2H ability?

I have yet to see his fight with Vasquez, but a SD in Thailand seems vaguely dodgy. How good was this win and is it available?

Am I overrating Moon? How would you rate Khaokor H2H; does he have 'his level'? I.e are there any ATG's/Good H2H Bantams you would not fancy his chances against at all? Who is the best ATG you'd figure he could beat?

Maybe I am just high and over-hyping these fights?

All statements in Boldtype are things I would like people to comment on specifcally or at least take into consideration. 'Conversation pieces' if you will, as if these two fighters aren't enough. I am asking a lot with this I know, they're just two fights I am very interested in and I would like more information and others opinions.

If you've perservered with this

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