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Default Re: The Moon-Galaxy Rivalry

Originally Posted by fleaman View Post
Khaosai was freakishly strong and muscular for the weight.

At a Catchweight in between Super-Fly and Bantam I'd say Khaokor. He had a very good chin and enough variety to stop his brother IMO.

How do you rate his performance in the 2nd Moon fight? as one-sided as I said? Just intrigued to see others' opinions as I know how highly regarded Moon is on here and was surprised this performance hasn't received more acclaim.

Maybe it's just me
In the first fight, Khaokor was just too damn conservative in the early rounds, which is why he lost the technical decision. In the rematch, he opened up with his hands early on, and the power in his body punches clearly had Moon uncomfortable, which is why he won damn near every round.

To be fair, Moon was still a young'n at this point, though I'd still say Khaokor always had a pretty good style to beat him. While he may have looked lazy, his guard was actually very effective and often took the sting out of Moon's punches, if not outright blocked them. And his body punching and power would've always given him trouble. He proved that he could take Moon's punches as well, which ultimately gives him the advantage whenever they fight. Khaokor was very durable.
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