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Default Re: The Moon-Galaxy Rivalry

Originally Posted by teeto View Post
I'm finding it hard to say, as has been mentioned, Khaokor is clearly more versatile in terms of his fighting style, actually he could be described as quite a clever ring general at times. Facing off with his sibling though, all of that might be academic, as much as he is knocked on this board, Khaosai could keep a man in a corner all day. I think the fight might turn out every bit as good as the first Moon fight i just saw, but i'd likely lean towards Galaxy to edge it.

Haha, Khaosai that would be.
First bold; agreed.

2nd bold; Khaokor very good at turning his opponent.

Think it would be close. I think Khaosai is often unfairly slated due to that infamous Ring Mag list I just feel Khaokor is more varied.

At say a 116.5 catchweight?

Glad you enjoyed the fights mate
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