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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
The thing is - do you see Marciano being stopped in the first round? Or is it the first clean punch? Or is it two or three really big punches thrown in seperate exchanges? What is it?

I ask because Rock is a tryer. There's a LOT said about how fighter's "don't try" against Wlad. The truth is, of course, he breaks them. He won't break Rocky. He has to knock him out ALL the way. Whilst he's waiting to be knocked out he'll be closing the distance and looking to land Q.

So what do you see?
I see Marciano's relatively slow footspeed and tiny reach making it difficult for him to even get beyond the jab. He's awkward and harder to hit than he looks, but he just isn't mobile enough to consistently get close enough to land punches on Klitschko. Over 12 rounds with modern gloves, his superior stamina and bodypunching wouldn't have as much effect. Finally, there's the mechanical difficulty of even landing a punch with a tiny reach against a 6'6" man. It can be done, but he'd have to throw ridiculously high overhand rights and lefts. I see either a straight right or left hook putting him down repeatedly and the ref stepping in to stop it at some point when it's clear that Rocky's getting nullified.

Also, he's definitely a "tryer", but there's a difference between determination and stupidity when you're getting nailed with punches that hard. Surely he'd at least become more careful after being hit enough. He's not a fool, after all.

On the bright side, it would be somewhat difficult to tie Rocky up on the inside. But imagine the exhausting effect of Klitschko leaning on Marciano while the latter is crouched and bent over.
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