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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

His chin is more proven than Marciano's (regrettable, but true). He's four inches taller. Has ten more inches in reach. And he is--dare I say it?--faster.
1. There is no evidence Brewster has a better chin than Marciano. If you want to go by "proven" then I can say Marciano is a much more proven puncher and finisher than brewster.

2. 3 inches Taller, not 4. Also I do not see the big deal here. Sam Peter is 6'0, only 1" taller than marciano and he floored wladimir 3 times. In fact Marcianos lack of height in his crouch is Ideal. Unlike Brewster who got hit cleanly every single minute of the fight, marciano will be very difficult for wlad to hit with a clean shot.

3. Rocky is faster than brewster- I watched Brewster-Liakohkovic last night on ESPN replay, and I was shocked at how slow brewsters hands were and how unnefective he was getting inside(Unlike rocky). Rocky tracked down master boxers and got undernearth of them much easier than brewster has done to boxers like ettiene, shufford, Sergei, Wlad, etc. certain if you compare film of a 1951-1952 Marciano and Brewster of 00s, rocky has the clear edge in speed.

4. Rocky owns severeal Attributes (Workrate, Volume Punching, Finishing Skills, IronWill, Aggresion) that far exceeds that of Brewsters. All of the attributes I listed above are vital into forcing wlad into a panic attack.

Nevertheless, he took a massive beating before he got to Wlad (who suffered a panic attack / green man attack / vaseline malfunction / whatever the heck it was).

Exactley the type of reason he will lose to Marciano. Rocco will force wlad right into a panic attack once he lands on his chin and applies some pressure. It has happened to wlad more than once.

Ultimatley Crosstrainer you are picking the underdog here. You are picking a man who has had a history of falling apart to vastly inferior men with the same styles as Marciano.
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